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Sanders - Edge Stroke

Edge sanders are generally narrow belt machines for the sanding of vertical or angled straight component or panel edges. The rotating belt is either non-oscillating, on more basic models, or oscillating (for improved belt life and finish quality) on more professional models. The components are rested on either a fixed or tilting table and pressed against the platen backed rotating belt. Many machines have tables both sides to allow either 2 operators to work simultaneously, or one table to be set perpendicular with the other set to a predetermined angle. Many edge sanders also have a smaller component support table at one end of the rotating belt to work components with shaped edges, or for cases where more aggressive stock removal is required. Most shops, especially those working solid wood, require an edge sander.

Stroke sanders are also narrow belt sanders however they are conceived to sand the flat surfaces of solid wood or veneered panels. The panels are set o

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