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Dowel Machines

Dowel Machines include the machinery for the manufacturing of dowels as well as the installation (driving) of dowels for the cabinet and furniture industries. Smaller dowels are manufactured for use in the assembly of cabinets, furniture, etc... and larger dowels are used as handles for brooms, mops, etc... This machinery ranges from the production of single to multiple dowels simultaneously. The machinery used for the installation of dowels for the cabinet and furniture industries ranges from basic units that simply drive the dowels, using a hand held driving gun, to machines that drill the dowel hole, inject the glue and drive the dowel in one operation. Some machines process multiple dowels per cycle. Usually these machines are limited to 32mm or multiple 32mm centers and can install up to 7 or 8 dowels at once. These are the most productive units. There are also slightly less productive, but much more flexible, CNC machines that drill glue and dowel drive on infinitely varia

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