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Homag Optimat BOF 311/40/R

Machine Information Sheet

Inventory # C4416TS
Machine Type CNC Routers - Flat Table, Nesting
Manufacturer Homag
Model Optimat BOF 311/40/R
Year 2004
Region Central Canada
Voltage 600/3/60

Can be tranformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter

Condition Good
Machine Capacities -Maximum workpiece length in single operation: 4000mm
-Maximum workpiece length in alternate operation: 1370mm
-Maximum workpiece width stop at the front side: 1525mm for trimming operation with tool diameter=25mm
-Maximum workpiece width stop at the front side: 1450mm for all units
-Maximum workpiece width stop at the rear side: 1700mm for trimming operation with tool diameter=25mm
-Maximum workpiece width stop at the rear side: 1600mm for all units
-Maximum workpiece thickness: 210mm
-Workpiece thickness 210mm. Up to a maximum 600mm clearance without any restriction for units and suctions
-The indicated workpiece dimensions cannot be equated with the maximum possible processing sizes per unit.
-The minimum workpiece size depends on the clamping devices used, as well as the surface and contour of the workpiece.
-Working height lower edge of workpiece 850mm Main spindle 14.5 kW, water cooled for HSK F63
-Includes special suction for all tools and units
-Tool weight maximum 5 kg (including chuck)
-Tool length maximum 200mm calculated from lower edge of motor spindle
-Maximum tool diameter for trimming tools: 180mm
-Maximum tool diameter for sanding tools: 200mm
-Frequency invertor for electronic regulation of revolutions
-Number of revolutions steplessly programmable from 1-18000 RPM Spindle return traverse stroke
-Enables the use of the boring head with panel sizing tool remaining in the main spindle
-Tool length including chuck up to a maximum 150mm Plate-Type tool changer, 12 tools
-For tools and units with HSK F63
-The following tools/units can be inserted: 12x maximum diameter 130mm, or 6x maximum diameter 180mm and 6x maximum diameter 70mm Grid-grooved clamping table `R`
-Clamping table with grid-grooved solid wood top for putting on templates and workpieces
-Single-circuit vacuum system integrated in the table for clamping the templates and workpieces
-The workpieces are put against detachable guide rails in the cross grooves
-Grid dimensions: 30mm
-Width of groove: 7mm
-Depth of groove: 7mm
-Distance between suction places: 120mm
-Additional 1" end plugs in the clamping table for maximum vacuum capacity
-Table integrated transport rollers for matrix table
-Pushout device for nesting Boring head 17 spindles vertical
-4kW motor, frequency controlled
-4500-6000 RPM
-For vertical boring, adjusting stroke 50mm
-17 spindles up to a maximum 35mm bore diameter
-11 spindles in X direction, 7 spindles in Y direction
-Spindle distance: 32mm
-Total bore length: 70mm
-Shank diameter: 10 x 20mm
-With clamping surface and adjusting screw
-Rotating direction left/right hand rotation alternately
-Prepared for the installation of maximum 2 adapter units Main spindle 14.5kW
-Frequency inverter for electronic regulation of the number of revolutions
-Stepless range of number of revolutions
-Programmable from 0-24000 RPM
-Full torque from 0-12000 RPM Number of revolutions 24000 RPM for main spindle
-Only tools which are suitable for the corresponding number of revolutions are allowed to be used.
-Blow-off nozzle for trimming spindle for cooling of the tool
-Diagnostic system Woodscout
-Network connection ethernet
-WoodWop Package
-No-break power supply Power control
-POWER CONTROL PC85 with PLC-control
-Windows NT 4.0
-PC85 CNC-kernel with control for continous line opration in all axes
-Look ahead function for optimum speeds at the transition points
-Dynamic look-ahead-control for accurate contours
-PC85 software kit with graphic operating programs; WoodWop for graphic and interactive creation of CNC-program including postprocessor; graphic representation of the clamping places; error messages in plain text; diagnostic system WoodScout. NO VACUUM PUMPS ARE INCLUDED WITH THE MACHINE Machine comes with a spare (NEW) processor that cost current owner US $11,850.00.
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