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Morbidelli REM TPS Pilot

Machine Information Sheet

Inventory # C3910TS
Machine Type CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail
Manufacturer Morbidelli
Model REM TPS Pilot
Year 2015
Region Central Canada
Voltage 400/3/60

Can be tranformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter

Condition Excellent
-MACHINE CURRENTLY INSTALLED AND AVAILABLE TO BE VISITED AND DEMONSTRATED- REM TPS is a flexible machining center designed for vertical operation with longitudinal panel passage. The operating unit is fully configurable and it can be equipped with boring, routing and inserting units of any kind of hardware and/or dowels according to the production requirement. This particular design combined with the reduced working changes satisfies the needs for high levels of production even for machining process at BATCH 1, distinguishing the product for integration such as:
- machining cells equipped with automatic loader/unloader
- in lines for the process of manufacturing furniture parts The vertical displacement of the panel has the great advantage to reduce the total overall dimensions of the cell or line assuring an easy movement with the hardware inserted. The machine is composed by 3 main functions: 1) Panel displacement 2) Panel reference and locking 3) Working and/or inserting The machine in TPS version is able to process in a single step all the faces of the panel (except for face 2). By the function (OPTIONAL ON DEMAND) of “piece return with roto-conveyor” the outfeeding panel is automatically rotated of 180° and re-introduced into the machine in order to execute all the necessary workings even on the face 2. ADVANTAGES OF THE VERTICAL SYSTEM Lasting reliability and accuracy over time with minimum wear and maintenance. Single supporting surface of the panel in vertical The horizontal chain leaves completely free F3 face in order to perform all the necessary machinings even with groups that are particularly bulky. Standardly, traditional chain systems in order to realize operations on F3 face are normally divided into 2 vertical tracks, subsequent one to the other carrying on all the problems related to the alignment that can vary in time (accuracy problems when the panel moves from one track to the other) and the small interspace between the two tracks does not allow the utilization of more drills simultaneously for example. Greater support surface of the panel in horizontal Allows the machining of panels with aspect ratio unfavorable (higher than longer panels) The machine is equipped with a single working station with 3 operating units:
- Station As – insertion unit for bushings on face 1
- Station A – drilling / grooving unit on face F1, F4, F5 and F6
- Station Ai – routing unit on face F1, F4, F5 and F6 POS. 1 MOTORIZED LOADING BENCH This unit bench is used for the manual loading of the parts and is equipped with safety mat. It consists of vertical and horizontal rollers. • Table length 2.000 mm • Motorized belt for the introduction of the panel in the machine • Photocell for detecting the panel REM PATENTED TRACK (X Axis) The chain track is supported by steel guides with sliding runners which are driven using a steel reinforced, high speed toothed belt and pulley. The chain is comprised of oxidized aluminium links covered with rubberized pads and precision, sealed bearings. REM’s track system relies on a high speed, precision steel reinforced toothed belt that engages the track the entire length. This system totally removes the polygonal effect of sprocket driven chain systems and makes for smooth but powerful acel and decel of the track system. Each element carries 2 rubber pad sliding blocks that assure the maximum accuracy and at the same time perfect adhesion for a perfect panel displacement. The displacement is realized by an inner toothed belt with closed ring and steel pre-tensioned core with pulley system “zero backlash” in order to avoid the elastic elongation of the belt during time and the consequent lack of precision. REM has patented various aspects of this track including the receding link system that permits limited milling and drilling operations on the lower edge of the panel. The receding link system can be quoted as an option. The machine utilizes a precision laser in order to read the “0” point while loading the panel into the machine. The whole system assures the total absence of backlash and a perfect linearity displacement thanks to sliding realized by horizontal and vertical bearings of the chain on the frame. • laser photocell for “zero” reference of panel (front and back edge) • displacement speed of the track: 80 mt/min. • min. workable length : 250 mm • max workable length : unlimited VERTICAL VICE The vertical vice uses an aluminium section with rubberized rollers diameter 80mm which are positioned via two steel arms with plates which position vertically on linear sliding bearings by means of precision ball screw. The vertical movement of this axis is counter balanced by pneumatic cylinders. The vice is automatically positioned. • Panel thickness: 8 mm min / max 80 mm • Axis speed 4 m / min. ADVANTAGES OF THE REM SELF CENTERING VICE SYSTEM COMPARED TO COMPETITORS VERTICAL ROLLER SYSTEM Near ZERO set-up time. Panel size changeover can be accomplished in 3-5 seconds. Wide visibility and easier access to operating units. Fast and smooth set-up operation. Localized wear in the Rollers systems. In case of continuous processing always utilizing the same Y dimension of the panel, the wear of the roller would not be constant along the whole length, thus creating some "steps" that causing accuracy problems. Costs and reduced time of maintenance. The change of rollers requires high cost and down time of the machine. The vice system has a longer life and less maintenance required. The operating unit is composed by: Position A Multifunctional boring head at 32 indipendent spindles : 24 vertical spindles on F1 face 3+3 horizontal spindles on F4, F6 faces 1 horizontal spindle on F5 face Spindles of last generation for a high rigidity and accuracy. Weldon attachment D=10mm. Indipendent pneumatical stroke 60mm Horizontal heads stroke 75mm Total tools length 70mm (50 mm tool legth and 20 mm spindle connection shaft) Speed rotation by inverter 3000 rpm up to 8000 rpm. Additional units, only predisposition :
- hinges unit, 3 fixed spindles, independent pneumatic selection, distance to be defined with customer
- grooving unit, X direction OPERATING UNITS ADVANTAGES Boring head with cylinder attachment. Higher rigidity (+25% diameter of spindle rod) than a classical system with quick release chuck and with same fast set-up operations. Wide boring versatility of the horizontal units. The possibility to perfom boring operation on F4 and F6 faces with a single step at centre to centre distance of 32, 64 or 96 mm assures an excellent productivity joined to the required flexibility. Excellent speed of execution. The compact boring unit allows to maximize the accelerations of the vertical and horizontal displacement increasing the machine rate of productivity. Position Ai 3 axis Electrospindle, ER32 collet attachment and manual tool change, max power of 5,5 kW, rotation up to 18000 rpm Position As Electro-pneumatical unit for special LOCKDOWEL bushings** insertion equipped with:
- pneumatical pushing unit with independent pneumatical selection and Z axis connected to the drilling head
- feeding system for bushings equipped with vibrating box ** Bushing version 2001 for 15-19 mm thickness parts PANEL CONVEYOR
- OUTFEED Automatic return piece System to the operator equipped with:
-Vertical conveyor. The vertical positioning device supplies, by pneumatic handling, to the lateral displacement of the panel and by a motorized belt to the introduction of the same one in the loading vertical transfers. It includes:
- motorized conveyor managed by inverter
- belt conveyor length 2.500 mm
- pneumatic stroke 1400 mm
- photocell for panel detecting Vertical Transfer
-Double fences transfer to support the panels, it has been calibrated for thickness up 10 mm to 40 mm.
-For higher thickness it is necessary the manual adjustment of the fence. It includes:
- single motorized conveyor managed by inverter
- belt conveyor length 2.500 mm
- photocell for panel detecting OPERATOR POSITION Mobile console equipped with:
- Personal Computer “Celeron“, 2,5 Ghz
- 2 Gb Ram
- 250 Gb hard disk
- Windows 7 Professional 32 bit, SFF Chassis
- ports USB
- keyboard
- mouse
- Industrial console with monitor LCD 17”
- Ethernet adapter between PC and NC
- Additional Ethernet card for PC and network communication Software and hardware packet for tele-service by Teamviewer, free of charge for all the warranty period. Software TPA ALBATROS to manage the following:
- Multilingual support
- Composition of the execution list
- Creation of a list
- Import of a list
- List execution
- Synoptic table use
- Manual exis displacement
- Tools and technological parameters
- Diagnostic
- Calibration axis bridge
- System errors NUMERICAL CONTROL The Numerical Control has been specially studied for managing the axes and boring and routing machine functions for the woodworking sector. The numerical control programming editor offers a simple operating environment based on graphical windows, for the display and insertion of data for making working programs to be run on the machine.
- CAD integrated in the control with mirroring, rotation, repetition functions, etc.
- Operator interface in various languages
- “Multitasking” operating system for using the control even when the machine is working
- Graphical display of the 4 workable faces
- Parametric programming which permits the use of mathematical, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric and logical formula and the use of 300 variables.
- Programming of single, multiple (for multi-bit tools), fitting drills on flat and lateral faces
- Programming of linear, circular, oval and ellipse routings on the three Cartesian axes
- Linear and circular interpolations on the three planes, linear in space, circular in a plane however orientated.
- Linear and circular interpolations on the three planes, linear in space, circular in a plane however orientated.
- Chamfer and connection programming with automatic speed control
- Programming of grooving and routing always orientated with respect to the vertical axis
- Programming of tool radius with automatic correction
- Possibility of excluding the display of some types of machining
- Multi-level zoom function
- Conditioned programming (IF/EndIF Blocks) associated with the use of Macros
- Absolute or incremental programming
- Creating of sub-programs by the operator with the possibility of multiplication, mirroring and rotation of the above
- Graphical help during programming for all machinings
- Customer can personalize error messages
- Easy identification of stored programs using “preview” function
- Graphical display of set up or tool changers
- Execution of single programs and repetition of program lists
- Tool path optimizer with the possibility of choosing the working priority prior to moving
- Printing of ISO codes and graphical print of the work piece being programmed
- Bar code interface
- Manual and machine diagnostic functions in real time with graphic help
- “Hold’ function associated with safety mats
- Management and diagnostic synoptics which makes using the machine easier
- Automatic reduction of the feed speed in relation to the inverter’s absorption
- Program list management
- Automatic control of the working speed to optimize the routing path. ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED
- Set of protection with fences and gates complete with “EC” electrical safety system
- Electrical panel equipped with air conditioner to maintain the suitable temperature inside the cabinet. TECHNICAL DATA
-Min. panel dimension X-Y-Z: 250 x 50 x 8 mm
-Max. panel dimension X-Y-Z: 2.500 x 800 x 80 mm
-X axis speed: 82 m/min
-Y axis speed: 50 m/min
-Z axis speed: 28 m/min
-Vertical vice speed: 30 m/min
-Horizontal vice speed: 4 m/min
-Electrospindle power: 5.5 kW, ER32 collet
-Rotation speed: 4.000-18.000 rpm managed by inverter
-Boring head power: 2.2 kW
-Rotation speed: 3.000-8.000 rpm managed by inverter
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